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NeoGenomics completes Clarient acquisition.  December 30, 2015. 

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Who we are

NeoGenomics Laboratories is comprised of a nationwide team of experts in developing and delivering laboratory diagnostic services in oncology and pathology. It is the common purpose of all NeoGenomics employees to save lives by improving patient CARE through Communication, Accuracy, Reliability, and Efficiency. Our staff physicians, scientists, laboratory professionals, Customer Care representatives, and salespeople team up with our clients to solve the medical, scientific, and logistical challenges of making precise diagnoses and finding the unique hallmarks of that patient’s disease that point the way to proper treatment.

What we do

Our areas of expertise include cancer cytogenetics with industry-leading turnaround times; hematologic and solid tumor FISH testing with the largest menu of technical-only services available; 10-color flow cytometry; IHC supported by an extensive antibody library; and >120 molecular oncology tests comprising the most comprehensive combination of multiparameter tumor profiles and targeted biomarker tests in the industry. Our technical-only testing programs feature on-demand or live training and are available to pathologists who wish to sign out FISH, flow cytometry, and/or IHC.

We support clients in many cancer-related market segments including hospital and private pathology laboratories, office-based oncologists, academic institutions, contract research and pharmaceutical development organizations, and more.

Why it matters

People with cancer need more options, and we believe precision medicine is a critical component in controlling cancer. With all testing methodologies in one laboratory system, we have the ability to interrogate a blood-based cancer or solid tumor by as many means necessary as we try to reveal biomarkers that expose the disease’s susceptibilities to standard or novel therapies. NeoGenomics’ extremely fast test development cycle means we are highly responsive to therapy developments and guideline changes. Design of our new tests always involves a balance of convention and innovation so costs are reduced and results come available soon. It all comes back to the patient. Time and results mean everything to them, and we keep that in the front of our minds.

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