Oncology Data Services

Actionable insights to guide your therapeutic product development, accelerate clinical trial recruitment, improve biomarker testing and accelerate access to targeted therapies.

NeoGenomics oncology data services empowers cancer researchers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies with access to world-class real-world data to accelerate personalized oncology care.

Real-world Data

Actionable insights to help guide therapeutic product development, profile patient cohorts and identify trends in complex biomarkers

Example use cases of real-world data:

  • Genomics/Translational Medicine
  • Identify complex biomarkers
  • Study Optimization
  • Patient & Site Selection
  • Profile Patient cohorts

Clinical Trial Screening

Real-time identification of unique patient populations and targeted outreach to physicians.

Example clinical trial screening program workflow:

  • Identify potentially eligible patients
  • Medical team outreach to ordering physician
  • Determine level of interest and connect to trial sponsor
  • Sponsor provides physician with enrollment options

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