Resources for Common Cancers

We want to support our patients and their families in becoming knowledgeable, active partners with their physicians and medical care team. To that end, in this section we describe the role of our testing in diagnosis and management of the diseases we work with most frequently, note some highlights of recent research, and suggest other resources for support and further information

Genetic Testing in Cancer

The genetic testing NeoGenomics performs looks for acquired mutations, meaning mutations that are not inherited but arise spontaneously in tumors or in the cancerous cells of the blood or bone marrow. These types of genetic changes, if present, do not pose a risk to offspring.

If you have a history of multiple, separate cancers (not metastases) or you have a family history of cancer, you may wish to ask your doctor if a referral to a genetic counselor is appropriate. In a small proportion of cases, additional genetic testing may be available to see if your family is predisposed to cancer because of an inherited mutation. Pursuing genetic counseling and testing is voluntary. Because cancer is so common, it is not unusual for families to have more than one person affected and most of the time the doctor can advise that no further evaluation is necessary.

Disease-specific Resources
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Additional Resources
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