NeoTYPE™ Solid Tumor Profile
for Breast, Colorectal, Gastric, Lung, & Other Cancers

Targeted multigene testing that optimizes diagnosis, management, and clinical trial opportunities


NeoTYPE - Solid Tumor ProfileConvenient and comprehensive solid tumor molecular profiling is now available to enable physicians to easily match the most appropriate genetic tests to their patient’s tumor type. The NeoTYPE Solid Tumor Profiles allow tests most relevant to breast, colorectal, gastric, lung and other tumors to be ordered in combinations tailored for medical impact.

Tests for each tumor-specific panel accommodate testing objectives from standard-of-care therapy planning and prognosis determination, through initial qualification for experimental therapy trials, and assessment of tumor causation.

The NeoTYPE Solid Tumor Profiles are part of NeoGenomics’ growing services in precision medicine. We anticipate frequent additions as we incorporate new research and keep aligned with therapeutic development and evolution of practice guidelines.


Test Overview

Highly reliable high-throughput Sanger sequencing is used to analyze select exons of well-known and emerging oncogenes, tumor suppressors, kinases, and other cell-signaling genes. Testing can be performed on fresh tissue or formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue. When indicated by tumor type, FISH analysis is performed concurrently with molecular testing. Components of each profile are shown below.

All FFPE tumors undergo morphologic review by a NeoGenomics pathologist upon receipt to ensure that appropriate areas of the tumor are targeted for analysis.

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Ordering information

Specimen requirements: Primary and metastatic tumors are accepted. Tech-only options are not currently available with these Profiles. 

  • FFPE tissue: Please submit one H&E slide along with FFPE block. Please use 10% NBF and do not use zinc fixatives.
  • Fresh tissue: Please submit 1 cm3 fresh tissue that is mostly tumor in RPMI. Refrigerate until shipping and ship with cold pack.

NeoTYPE Colorectal Tumor Profile: An additional sample of non-tumor DNA is required for MSI Analysis that is part of this profile. Please see requirements here.

TAT: 7 days

For more information, please contact Customer Care at (866) 776-5907 or email.