NeoTYPE™ Cancer Profiles

NeoTYPE™ Cancer Profiles are multi-method test panels, custom-designed for a specific tumor type, that identify the genetic changes most significant to therapy decisions, prognosis, and clinical research. Each Profile is based on comprehensive mutation detection by Sanger sequencing, with additional analysis by FISH or flow cytometry as indicated.

These Profiles provide pathologists and oncologists with a practical approach to understanding the cancer’s biology so they can most effectively manage their patients’ care. Tests are appropriate for newly diagnosed or relapsing patients, or those with an unusual clinical presentation. With a single sample submission and comprehensive report, our clients receive the most current and appropriate genetic assessments available for their patients’ tumors.

We offer Solid Tumor Profiles and Hematology Profiles. We currently have NeoTYPE Profiles for Breast, Colorectal, Gastric, Lung, Other Solid Tumor, AML Prognostic, CLL Prognostic, MDS/CMML and Lymphoma. More Profiles are in development. 

NeoTYPE Solid Tumor ProfilesNeoTYPE Hematology Profiles


Test and CPT Code Change: Effective May 11, 2013 

NeoTYPE Solid Tumor Profiles
(Breast, Colorectal, Gastric, Lung, Other)
  • CPT ChangeAdd 81321(x1) and 88368(x3)*
Added PTEN Mutation Analysis and PTEN FISH. 
PTEN is one of the most commonly mutated human tumor suppressor genes. Analysis by both molecular and FISH methods provides comprehensive detection of abnormalities that may occur in this gene, including point mutations and partial/complete gene deletions. Demonstration of PTEN abnormalities is useful for predicting prognosis and response to therapy.


NeoTYPE AML Prognostic Profile
  • CPT Change: Add 81401(x1)*
Added RUNX1 Mutation Analysis.

RUNX1 mutations are associated with reduced overall and event-free survival in AML patients with intermediate-risk cytogenetics. RUNX1 is the eighth gene in our targeted molecular profile to assess AML prognosis. Ordering the AML Reflex Panel combines cytogenetics with follow-up molecular profiling when indicated for effective cost-control and better efficiency for your lab. 

NeoTYPE CLL Prognostic Profile
  • CPT Change: Add 81407(x1) and 88367(x2) to total 88367(x9)*
Added NOTCH1 Mutation Analysis

NOTCH1 mutations occur in ~12% of CLL and are considered an independent predictor of poor prognosis in CLL, comparable in severity to TP53 mutations. NOTCH1 joins the CLL FISH Panel, flow cytometry for ZAP-70, and molecular analysis for SF3B1 and IgVH mutation status in the most complete multi-method CLL prognostic profile available. 

CLL Molecular Prognostic Panel
  • CPT Change: Add 81407(x1)*
Added NOTCH1 Mutation Analysis

NOTCH1 is combined with SF3B1 and IgVH in a molecular-only assessment of CLL prognostic risk factors. This is especially useful for clients who perform flow cytometry and/or FISH in their own facilities or on a tech-only basis with NeoGenomics.

Specimen requirements and turn-around-times will not change. Full test details can be reviewed on our website here: NeoTYPE Cancer Profiles.
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