NeoTYPE™ Cancer Profiles

The Next Generation of NeoTYPE™ Hematologic Disease and Solid Tumor Profiles

Molecular profiles are enhanced with new biomarkers, ordering flexibility, improved reporting, quantitative results, and plasma testing for hematologic diseases

Effective July 12, 2014, our menu of 23 NeoTYPE™ Cancer Profiles has been expanded and enhanced with next-generation sequencing (NGS) replacing Sanger sequencing as the primary mutation detection method. Next-gen sequencing improves mutation detection when there are few tumor cells in the analyzed sample, it helps control costs, and it increases the success rate with small samples. Select new biomarkers have been added to the tumor Profiles to match current therapy applications, clinical trial opportunities, and emerging research.

With these changes, NeoGenomics is providing oncologists and pathologists more choices in personalizing molecular profiling for the optimal diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive assessment of each patient

Advantages of the next-gen Profiles include:

  • Quantitative results: abnormal reports show percentage mutated gene vs. wild-type
  • Plasma testing option for hematologic disease Profiles: for avoiding bone marrow biopsy in fragile and pediatric patients, or when a bone marrow sample is no longer available
  • Options to customize: individual genes may be added to standard Profiles
  • Breadth and focus: with two large pan-tumor Profiles and 21 targeted, tumor-specific Profiles, NeoGenomics provides the widest variety of actionable tumor profiles available
  • Easier to complete an order: ABNs will only be required with Medicare billing for two of the Profiles
  • Simplified menu: no more Concise and Comprehensive tiers - one standard profile for each tumor type, with options to customize

Hematologic Disease Profiles

These Profiles offer a targeted approach to understanding the disease biology and establish a platform for assessing the diagnosis, determining prognosis, and assisting in the therapy selection process.

Click each Profile to see detailed test information.

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Solid Tumor Profiles

NeoTYPE™ Solid Tumor Profiles are designed to provide precise characterization of actionable driver mutations important in that specific tumor. The reduced DNA requirements of NGS coordinate well with fine needle biopsy and other minute sample sizes that sometimes limit solid tumor analysis

Click each Profile to see detailed test information.

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Options For Customization

NeoGenomics offers unprecedented flexibility in test-ordering by allowing clients to add tests to a standard, pre-configured Profile, or to choose any tests individually outside the NeoTYPE™ ordering and reporting structure.

Adding to an Existing Profile

  • Any genes in the 54-genes Myeloid Disorder Profile may be added to any of the Hematology Diseases Profiles
  • Any genes in the 48-genes Solid Tumor Profiles may be added to any of the Other Solid Tumor Profiles
  • Results of testing for added genes will be included in the Comprehensive NeoTYPE™ report for that Profile

Individual Test Order

  • Clients may select any combination of tests offered in any of our Profiles
  • These results will be issued individually without a comprehensive NeoTYPE™ summary report

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