Client Billing Information

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Clients will be billed monthly or bi-monthly by an itemized invoice that includes the date, patients name, accession number, test(s) performed, and the test fees for each specimen completed during the month. Please note that these invoices are payable upon receipt. If you have any questions pertaining to your account, please notify us immediately so that we may resolve them in a timely manner.

To contact our Billing Department, please call us toll free at (866) 776-5907 and press 2.

Payments should be sent to:
NeoGenomics Laboratories
PO Box 864403 Orlando, FL 32886-4403

Acceptable payment methods are:

  • Cashiers Check
  • Personal Check
  • Credit Card
  • Money Order

When Completing a Requisition please include:

  • Patient’s Complete Name
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Patient’s gender
  • Medical record number (optional)
  • List all applicable ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes to their highest level of specificity
  • Specimen collection date and time
  • Ordering physician’s first and last name
  • Treating physician’s first and last name
  • Indicate by marking the “Bill To” bill option on the test requisition form (Client, Pathology Group, etc.)
  • Patient status: Inpatient, Outpatient or Non-patient

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