NeoGenomics is a state of the art comprehensive testing laboratory headquartered in Fort Myers and Tampa, Florida with additional locations in Nashville, Tennessee and Irvine, California. Salary and benefits are generous and include competitive salaries, health, dental, life & disability insurances, a section 125 plan, a 401K, FSA, ESPP and relocation assistance.

There are multiple career paths available within our Company whether your interest is in science, technology, finance, sales & marketing, customer service or administration, there is a career opportunity for everyone. Click below to find the career path for you…



Medical & Scientific Staff

NeoGenomics is pleased to incorporate MD and PhD-level scientists coming from both commercial and academic settings. Opportunities abound for meaningful contributions to test development, industry presentations, client outreach, staff education, publication, and pursuit of personal research interests. NeoGenomics provides a unique balance of production efficiency and growth momentum that requires close collaboration between our physician and scientist experts in all departments, including Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics, Flow Cytometry, IHC, and R&D. Connect to your future. View here.

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Lab Technical

Our laboratory technologists and technicians perform high-complexity testing on state-of-the-art instrumentation in the areas of Cytogenetics, FISH, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Genetics. Our testing services are designed to answer questions related to diagnosis, prognosis and therapy selection for hematologic and solid tumor cancers. Our laboratory personnel have a passion and commitment for achieving exceptional results. Positions in the laboratory require national certification and state licensure. For a detailed description of each of our testing services, click here. Connect to your future. View here.

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Support Services


We work together to achieve our goals by embracing the diversity of our experiences, skills and talents. By communicating openly, we foster the innovative and collaborative culture we seek. We hold ourselves to the highest legal and ethical standards and maintain an outstanding compliance process. We succeed with disciplined management and continuous improvement of our processes. From Company & Regulatory, to Quality, to Human Resources and Administrative Support, our teams are responsible for providing a high level of internal and external customer service and for developing key Company-wide initiatives that support our Company’s mission, vision, and values, and maintain employee satisfaction. Connect to your future. View here.

Client Services

For us, patients come first. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients have the best experience possible by listening and responding to our customers’ needs. We make a commitment to exceed expectations. Our Customer Care Specialists are available 24 hours and provide information on our products, services, and offer results in a timely manner. Our Customer Care Specialists are each assigned to a dedicated region and assist our Territory Business Managers in the field to help provide the dedicated and personalized assistance our clients deserve. Our Customer Care Department also handles Medical Records and Pathology Support Services for our Company. Connect to your future. View here.


Our clients and their patients place great trust in us. In our Accessioning Department, specimens are received, sorted, labeled, processed, and entered into our Laboratory Information System. Specimens are accessioned each day by our Technicians and they responsible for ensuring the proper handling of all specimens received in which they prepare specimens for laboratory testing. Our Technicians are crucial to eliminating errors by ensuring the correct material and patient information is received along with verifying that the correct tests are ordered and performed. Accessioning works closely with our pathologists, laboratory personnel, and other support service departments. We work hard and do not take shortcuts on quality and service. Our passion and commitment to achieve exceptional results is unwavering. Connect to your future. View here.


Our Logistics Department is responsible for directing and coordinating all logistics related activities within our Company to ensure effective and efficient service delivery of specimens as requested by our clients while maintaining compliance with Company policies and standards. We deeply respect our clients and their dedication to patients. We know that our service matters greatly to them we work to ensure we meet their delivery requirements on time every time. Connect to your future. View here.

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NeoGenomics Finance team serves as a key source of information to help our Company run. As a public Company, NeoGenomics is required to file its financial statements with the Securities & Exchange Commission (the SEC). Finance works to ensure that proper internal controls are in place and that we meet the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. In addition to serving the needs of our external shareholders, our Finance team strives to provide the right information to our internal customers to help them more effectively manage their areas. Connect to your future. View here.

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NeoGenomics makes billing as flexible as possible by providing many different payment options to our patients and customers. Our Billing Department is committed to the highest standards of excellence in professional billing and reimbursement. We stay on top of the latest coding and reimbursement information. We keep a close relationship with insurance companies to ensure smooth communication and efficient work flow. Our Billing Department does not outsource any of the staff responsibilities and our management team trains and supervises all of the personnel to provide our clients with expert, up to date services that have built our Billing Department’s exceptional reputation. We strive for excellence by continuously improving our systems and processes. Connect to your future. View here.

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Our Application Development Team is a key resource for our Company in creating applications that can be offered as new products and services to their clients. Improving the current offering to our clients by providing a more robust and feature rich Laboratory Information System for them to utilize. The Development Team also plays a vital role in developing applications that will increase productivity and create efficiencies for our employees, which will ultimately impact in a positive way, the service we provide to our clients and ultimately our patients. Our IT Development Team strives to provide our internal and external clients the solutions they are looking for on a daily basis. Connect to your future. View here.


Our IT Infrastructure Team plays a leading role in aligning our corporate vision and objectives with technology. We are committed to being innovative and providing services that will meet the needs of our customers now and in the future. Our Company recognizes that we are a “technology driven” company and continues to invest heavily in technology to allow for our growing business needs. Our Infrastructure Team strives to maintain existing technology, while implementing up-to-date infrastructure to enhance our Company’s ability to communicate with our clients and our employees. We utilize best of bread hardware and software vendors in addition to using the latest technology. We also provide helpdesk support for equipment and software to both internal and external clients, provide network infrastructure to support computer operations and data transfer, support telecommunications for all Company departments and employees, provide access control to all facilities, and ensure the security and integrity of our Company’s network and data. Connect to your future. View here.

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Sales & Marketing


Our Sales Team is committed to enhancing the financial condition of our company through the informed and profitable selling of our quality products and services. Our Sales Team works very hard to exceed business goals and expectations in order to deliver the quality information and service our clients and their patients deserve. It is only through the earned loyalty and trust of our customers that we are successful. Connect to your future. View here.


The goal of the Marketing Team is to support our sales efforts in the most effective and efficient manner, ultimately driving revenue to the organization through these efforts, and adhere to our core values as an organization. The Marketing Team’s members have skills in exhibit logistics, e-marketing efforts, clinical content creation, graphics and design, lead generation, and strategic business development. The NeoGenomics Marketing Team is responsible for supporting our commercial strategy at multiple levels. The marketing team is responsible for all branding standards; overseeing and implementing our brand both internally and externally, through e-marketing, advertising print campaigns and public communication efforts. They manage all industry meeting exhibits, tradeshow opportunities, and lead generation from these events. They ensure successful communication between the field sales team and internal departments, such as Operations and Research & Development. They conduct client education programs as well as internal sales training, develop strategic plans for new test launches, produce mapping and market segmentation resources for our field team, and develop counter-strategic support strategies against primary competitors. Connect to your future. View here.

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NeoGenomics Laboratories Cytogenetic Training Program: NeoGenomics Laboratories offers a comprehensive Florida State approved cytogenetic training program. This program is a comprehensive twelve-month training course covering all laboratory methodologies in cytogenetic cell culture, specimen processing, chromosome analysis, and F.I.S.H (fluorescent in-situ hybridization) techniques and is an intensive combination of academic and applied cytogenetic principles. Graduates of the cytogenetic training program meet all Florida State cytogenetic training requirements and are eligible for Florida State licensure as a clinical laboratory technologist in cytogenetics. The training program is also designed to be a comprehensive preparatory course for the cytogenetic specialty exam by The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), whose certification is also required for Florida State licensure in cytogenetics. To be eligible for the cytogenetic training program, an individual must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 36 hours of academic science. Connect to your future. View here.

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